Farmers Cares, by Paul Quinn

How Duct Tape Can Prevent Further Fire Damage

If your home has been burnt by a wildfire, something as simple as duct tape can prevent further damage.

About two years ago I was talking with a gentleman who had lost his home to a wildfire the night before. He told me how he had spent the afternoon and evening hosing down his roof as the fire advanced. When the fire died down he stopped the water and went to bed. Four hours later his home was on fire again. What happened?  Even though the fire had died down, the winds had not and embers were blown into the vents in his attic.

The U.S. Fire Association recommends you cover your vents with a non combustible material.  You can use duct tape to seal vents and openings around exterior doors so that embers and smoke cannot get in. Remember to remove the duct tape when you feel it is safe. If you are unsure then ask your local fire department. Having your home fall victim to a wildfire is awful but having it happen twice is worse.

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